Government Document Verification Services Pilot


You will be taken through a stimulated online application where you will be asked to submit your Photo ID for online verification. Please have your valid Passport of Driver’s License and Mobile Phone available to proceed.

To being the process you will need to verify your identity. Select the Continue with Verified.Me button and the site will load in a new window. Please follow the steps to help confirm your identity.

[vme_force_enqueue enqueue=’vme_license_request’]

Enter your key to continue

The information and UX presented in the government document verification pilot demo is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only.  The pilot will involve you uploading a scan of your government document and a selfie to Verified Identity Solutions Inc. (“VIDS”), a wholly-owned SecureKey affiliate, for evaluation purposes. Certain information and results of the analysis will be shared by VIDS to the permitted Verified.Me network participant.